is AUK's new 'domain'.   No 'dot com', no 'dot net', not even    Just     Snappy isn't it?

After the functional addresses for post holders and the forum 'move' this website represents the next thing to appear in the new domain.   So far it contains much of what members will remember from the printed handbook. The 'back-end' system which looks after our event entries and results needs a thorough overhaul and it will be a while before everything appears in the new site.   We'll do our best to link back to where you need to be in in as seamless a fashion as possible.  Just don't be surprised if the styling suddenly changes - you havnt fallen though a wormhole in the space-time continuum.   It's just that we havnt transitioned that function across yet.

In the meantime nothing is being removed from so members can still find everything they are used to there.


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