Permanent? DIY? ECE? WTF?

As well as traditional Calendar events Audax UK offers a number of other formats.

A Permanent ride is similar to a Calendar event in that the 'controls' are defined by the organiser, who usually also provides a route-sheet, the rider just chooses the date on which to ride. Proof of passage through the controls is usually established by till-receipts or ATM slips from the control locations which are mailed back to the Organiser along with the completed Brevet card at the conclusion of the ride. List of Permanent Rides

A DIY is traditionally considered to be a variant of the Permanent (so you'll' hear members talk of "DIY Perms").  Not only does the rider have the freedom to choose when to ride, but also the freedom to determine their own route. A set of Controls still need to be established and agreed in advance with a DIY Organiser.  The controls have to be placed so that the minimum distance between them (usually established by reference to Google Maps in walking mode) is at least equal to the nominal distance. 

There are three types of DIY rides.

  • Traditional DIY - Paper proof-of-passage through controls just as for Permanent rides
  • DIY by GPS - Rider submits a GPS track to the Organiser as proof of passage
  • ECE - Extended Calendar Events.  Allows a rider to extend a Calendar event by riding a DIY portion to/from the event.