PBP Paris-Brest-Paris

The Paris-Brest-Paris event can trace its roots back to 1891, almost as old as the bicycle itself.   More on the history here.

If you want to ride this iconic event the next edition will be in 2019 but you need to be thinking about it well in advance.
It is likely that demand for places will be managed by a similar system to that which operated in 2015 where the date on which you could enter was determined by the longest event you rode in the previous year:

Pre-registration for PBP 2015
Opened on  April 26 if you completed a 1000km BRM event or a 1200 km RM in 2014
Opened on May 3 if you completed a 600 km BRM in 2014
Opened on May 10 if you completed a 400 km BRM in 2014
Opened on May 17 if you completed a 300 km BRM in 2014
Opened on May 24 if you completed a 200 km BRM in 2014

Registration for the event.
You could register on the PBP website from May 31 or as soon thereafter as you have completed three of your four qualifying brevets. 
Even if you had pre-registered you still had to register. Pre-registrations were cancelled on June 23 and reserved places released.

Registration had to be be completed (including Brevet number of all your four qualifying rides) by July 14

Qualifying rides in the UK.
In order to qualify for entry to the 2015 PBP by riding in the UK, randonnees designated as BRM or 'Brevets de Randonneur Mondiaux' events must be completed at the four distances of 200, 300, 400 and 600 kilometres, during the first half of 2015.

  • 200km   1st Jan to 10th May
  • 300km   28th  March to 24th May
  • 400km   18th April to 7th June
  • 600km   8th May to 21st June

Not all AUK events are 'qualifying rides' - those that are, are clearly marked as BRM (PBP) on their event details web pages in the 2015 Calendar.

During the qualifying periods it is expected that all the rides in the calendar for the distance required in that period will actually be 'Brevet de Randonneur Mondiaux' events.

The above dates are specific to the UK. It is possible to substitute one or more qualifying RM events from other countries, but in this case the dates may vary.

Results for Audax UK riders from recent editions