Entry Fees

Entry fees to AUK events are usually very much lower than comparable commercial or charity events, because the organisers and their helpers are all volunteers giving freely of their time, and not expecting to make a surplus over the cost of the facilities they provide.

In order to continue to keep the fees as low as possible please take note of the following:

AUK Policy on Entry Fees

Whilst it is recognised that there are occasionally circumstances which prevent a rider taking the start of an audax event, Audax UK policy has always been that entry fees are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. AUK events are not commercial events, they are organised by individual volunteers who give up their time freely and set their entry fees at a level sufficient to cover their direct costs.
  2. The organiser’s costs are, for the most part, fixed and have to be paid upfront, Items such as hire of starting and control venues which are independent of the number of riders turning up on the day.
  3. Organisers will factor in to their event planning and budgeting a certain percentage of ‘no-shows’, and this will make the number of places offered as great as possible and keep the individual entry fees as low as possible.

As a result the entry form for all AUK events (whether signed in the paper version or submitted online) makes it clear that Entry Fees are not refundable.

It is therefore the responsibility of the rider to enter only those events that they expect to ride, and to be prepared to forfeit their entry fee if circumstances prevent them from doing so on the day.

There is no mechanism that allows entries to be transferred from one rider to another.

Whilst it is polite to let the organiser know if you are unable to start an event which you have entered, this is not a requirement and will not save the organiser any time or money. Nor will it allow another rider to take your place as Organisers typically plan for a number of ‘no-shows’.

Organisers receiving requests for refunds or to transfer an entry from one rider to another, just when they are at their busiest preparing for an event, may wish to simply send out a link to this page rather than engage in individual discussions.