• Some 'special editions' to celebrate our birthday.

  • Not quite the end for aukweb.net (just yet)

  • Notes for riders and Organisers. 
    What to do, and what not to do, on events with a 'postal finish'.

  • Notes on the amendment of Appendix 7.1 moved by the AUK Board on Sept 24, 2014.
    The amendment will be presented for ratification by the membership at AGM 2015.

  • Welcome to the 5th Edition of The  London Ditchling Devil, a 200km Audax from Wimbledon in South London visiting Ditchling Beacon and The Devils Dyke along the South Coast before coming home to Richmond Park.

  • The World's End Audax is one of John Perrin's 200 km Audaxes starting from Macclesfield. The name of the ride takes it's name from the gorge in Denbighshire enclosed by cliffs and with only a single track road passing through it. The 2015 calendar event will be held on Sunday 24 May. In this article from the Spring 2013 issue of Arrivee, Peter Bond recounts his ride with John Perrin on the permanent version of the audax.